For Enhanced Security, Leak Documents to Us Using TOR. Here’s How

We recommend that you submit documents over the TOR version of JerseyLeaks when it is possible, because it hides your real IP address and better guarantees anonymity because your internet traffic is routed through several geographic locations to mask its origin.

While TOR is not a guarantee for security, it can provide whistleblowers with the ability to ensure they are not being monitored thanks to multiple layers of encryption.

We hope that security technologies like this can allow whistleblowers to speak freely knowing that they have a secure line of communication, thanks to the latest in open source security technologies.

The TOR version of the JerseyLeaks document submission interface is located at http://5xbla5ok2wif2byf.onion/ (note that this URL will only work when clicked in the TOR Browser or while on TAILS.

While it is safe to use the regular HTTPS version of our website to submit documents, if your connection is being monitored, an adversary may be able to tell that you accessed JerseyLeaks, but not the content of your transmission (what you submitted) because it is secured using TLS (transport layer security) and likely using the AES symmetric encryption algorithm with a 256-bit key.

This video gives an overview of the advantages of TOR and how you can easily put it to work on JerseyLeaks.