Whistleblowers Wanted

FORKED RIVER, NJ — Political journalist Gavin C. Rozzi today announced the formation of JerseyLeaks, an online whistleblowing initiative targeted at rooting out political corruption throughout the state of New Jersey.

Today we announce the first of two new tools to improve government transparency for New Jersey residents. JerseyLeaks, first tool that we are ready to open up to the public is JerseyLeaks, which will aim to provide a secure platform for whistleblowers to connect with investigative journalists to expose public corruption, mismanagement and conflicts of interest.

Our platform makes use of state of the art encryption technology to fully encrypt leaked documents and remove sensitive metadata that can identify sources from the moment the documents or other supporting information is uploaded to our secure website. Site administrators can only download encrypted copies of the documents, which then must be decrypted using their own encryption keys, ensuring that only the intended recipients are able to view the sensitive, underrated documents.

A screenshot of the new JerseyLeaks secure document submission interface.

Beginning July 23rd, 2017, JerseyLeaks is now accepting submissions from sources. Anybody canĀ log in to the secure document submission system by navigating to submit.jerseyleaks.org or by using the Tor Browser Bundle or a secure version of Linux likeĀ TAILS for enhanecd anonymity which can be used to load up the TOR version of our website at the following link.

As we receive and verify document submissions, we will be posting the final versions of the documents at our document library page.

Currently, the following news organizations and websites are participating in the first round of the JerseyLeaks whistleblowing initiative:

In the future, we will announce the procedure other news organizations can follow in order to become affiliated with JerseyLeaks.

Those with questions, comments or inquiries can contact the site administration via email or via phone through the encrypted messaging app Signal at (848)-667-0840.